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Author Leah Hennel
Year 2020
Affiliate Globe and Mail
Description Airdrie, Alberta - May 9, 2020 - Kyra Christmas, 23, a member of Canada’s national women’s water polo team, came up with an idea with her family to build a pool out of straw bales because she could not train in pool with her team due to Covid_19. The pool is 16 feet long, eight feet wide and six feet deep and on her parents farm just southeast of Airdrie in Rockyview. Photo by Leah Hennel“All of the pools got shut down because of Covid, so our team is scattered all over the country just trying to find ways to train, so we came up with the idea of trying to build a pool.â€ù “Defiantly my first time training with a pool with straw in.â€ù Kyra Christmas


Leah Hennel
Globe and Mail
Frank Gunn
Canadian Press/La Presse Canadienne
Jacques Boissinot
Canadian Press/La Presse Canadienne